A Clean Pair of Jeans

>I am sure other moms have this problem as well as me. It is so hard to keep clothes clean! I swear every time I look at my pants there is a new goobery kid stain that I have no idea how it got there! I feel like I never look put together and every time I take a little extra time to get myself ready it’s useless because 1 minute later I have 10 new stains on my clothes from my kids.

So today I relished in the moment when I grabbed a crisp clean pair of jeans from the Dryer I Put them on and had a small moment of silence while I admired the clean fresh feel of jeans that look nice. They were a bit snug they must have shrunk (Ha yeah right) owell I was able to button them at least

Plan to keep my jeans clean.

Stand in one spot all day and don’t do anything at all that could be considered Mommish.

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