Part Two, Operation Christmas Child in Peru

I am writing about my trip to Peru with Operation Christmas Child in parts Here is Part One if you missed it.

Part Two

First day of Distributions

After arriving at my hotel I had enough time to change my clothes and eat some breakfast it was then time for morning worship services. We did this every morning and I loved it. As most of you know I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I loved learning about different religions and also love the things we have in common such as a strong belief in Jesus Christ.


It was then time to get on the bus for our first distribution of the Shoe Box gifts. It was so much more than just giving a bunch of children some much needed items and a few fun things. It was about teaching them that God Loves them and introducing them to a wonderful bible program called “The Greatest Journey.” Our first distribution area was in San Jaun Miraflores.  There seemed to be about fifty children in this church and they were all very sweet and beautiful! I loved making them giggle with my terrible spanish.


They sang us songs and had a lesson. The lesson reminded me a lot of what a primary lesson is in my church. The kids were getting a little antsy I could tell for there presents. I would be too. We passed out the boxes each one had there name on it. Every church does this differently I love how we are not there to be in charge but to be there to help and enjoy the sweet children.





This girl was SO excited about a pair of white socks. SO humbling. I really did love watching these children open up there gift. They were so gracious. After the gifts the pastor of the church had us walk to a nearby place where he cooked lunch for us. We ate outside under a canopy and watched all of these neat street Taxi’s drive around.



We had this authentic peruvian drink called Chicha Morada it is made from purple corn and really sweet. We also had ceviche it was so pretty. I told Brandon I was going to try all different kinds of foods on my adventure. While ceviche is not my favorite I was glad I tried it and it was very sweet for this pastor to provide us lunch. I also tried calamari (fried squid)which I really liked!.



Every little while it would dawn on me that I was in an entire different country! I was constantly just trying to soak it all in.

Our second distribution was in Villa M. del Triunfo. It’s amazing how these houses or cement shacks are built right on a very large hill or mountain many of them look like they were going to fall over.




There was a lot of  very little children at this distribution. The Pastor and his wife had an amazing very loving way of keeping these kids very well behaved. They sat in there seats and listened so well! I loved watching the Pastora sing beautiful songs while playing musical instruments.






They each gave us silly hats to wear and tons of kisses. a group of beautiful women in authentic peruvian attire danced to us while holding their cute cute babies. The Peruvian culture is beautiful. I so enjoyed the program and just staring at the little ones.



The children then got in groups, we handed out the boxes and yelled UNO DOS TRES and then they were opened. I love watching the joy on the children’s faces when they open up there gifts. These children do not have a whole lot but are so gracious and well behaved. I just wanted to hug them all!



OCC Peruphoto-45

We always would end the distributions with a prayer for the pastor including anything in the prayer that they may need. The prayer given at this church was very special.

I still was in shock that I got to experience all of this. I am excited to share about more distributions in my next Post.

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    SWEET! sounds like you had fun!!! Super! i am happy for you!!!

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