Operation Christmas Child Peru Trip Part Three

I am writing about my recent trip to Peru with Operation Christmas child in parts here are part One and part two if you missed them.


Part 3

Another day of distributions.

My second day in Peru included 2 more distributions. I was so loving this and was surprisingly not tired even though I was running very low on sleep.

The first distribution of the day was Iglesia de Cristo in Independencia. This was a great group of kids. They put on an adorable performance for us. I noticed there was a lot of older kids in there early teens. My friend Esther who is fluent in spanish looked like she was having fun chatting with the older girls. They so reminded me of teenagers here. giggly and cute and they really loved their boxes. We were also handing out these fun bracelets that said “be strong and courageous” and “love one another”.

I try to explain to my children how different it is in Peru and how little the children have. How so many come from broken homes. It is hard to explain and something I will keep trying to tell them about. Sometimes it is easy to think we cannot to anything to help people around the world but that is just not true it can be as easy as filling up a shoebox with simple inexpensive gifts.







After that distribution we then had lunch at this awesome rotisserie chicken place. This chicken was so much better than the ones your get at the grocery store! The french fries were great too. After we had frozen yogurt at a Pink Berry at this outside mall. I thought it was hilarious that my first Pink Berry was in Peru. They had a peruvian flavor called Lucama it was so good.

Peru food Collage

This next distribution was in Ano Nuevo in Comas, I think was my favorite which is hard to say because I loved them all!. I got out of my comfort zone in a big way and had a ton of fun. There were three hundred children at this church and woah it was crowded! like the other churches they had a program for us. Part of it was singing and dancing to these recorded songs. the best way to describe the dances was that they were like the macerena. one of the  members of my group named Edie and I were trying to memorize the dance. We were doing it behind the huge group of children and really getting into it. I thought it was hilarious that the kids started turning around and giggling at us silly americans doing the dance. After the song ended they signaled for Edie and I to come up to the stage and do the dance again in front of everyone.

This was a riot!  I had so much fun. It was caught on camera so here it is for your viewing pleasure or laughs. Whichever you choose.



Can I just say how hot it was in Peru? this dance made me a big sweaty mess. After it was over a lot of the kids wanted pictures taken with me on my camera I thought that was adorable like I was famous. I look like a hot mess but was so happy to be with all of these cuties!



Giving out the boxes was a huge undertaking. we opened all of the huge boxes to take the shoeboxes out and handed them out to all the correct corresponding gender and ages. there was this adorable tiny thing probably 3 yrs old that reminded me of my Squeal. When it was time to open the boxes she was not sure what to do and just kept her box unopened on her lap. I loved kneeling down and helping her open her treasure it contained crayons and markers and some other things. Oh she was a cutie! Don’t you think?

OCC peruphoto-57

The little ones stole my heart, The hugs and kisses they gave me  made me really emotional. This work is amazing it has changed my life forever and I can’t wait to host packing parties for OCC  this Christmas. Everyone is invited to help me send off a bunch of gifts in shoeboxes. They make such a difference to these children!

OCC Peruphoto-56

In my next post I will share our last distribution and the time we spent at the market.

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