Operation Christmas Child Peru Trip Part Four

I have been writing about my trip with Operation Christmas Child in Peru in parts. Here is Part One, Part Two and Part Three if you missed them.

On our last day in Peru we had one more distribution and a trip to the market.

I was sad it was our last day but ready to do one more distribution and excited to go home to my cuties and tell them about everything.

The last church we visited was in San Jaun Miraflores it was very small. The site where the church is was a huge trash pile last year. So many of the children do not have both parents, which is so sad. I loved the program at this distribution, they did an awesome object lesson which I thought was great. They had a huge jar and listed everything we did in a day, for everything they mentioned they put more corn in the jar. At the end of the day there was no room for God and scripture reading. they emptied the jar them put three balls in the jar which represented God, scripture reading, and good things in our life then put the corn back in to show you there was still room to do the other things we needed to do.



Throughout the week of distributions we were told that it was really special if the children found letters in there boxes with addresses to correspond to. Sure enough while watching a cute group open their boxes one little girl had a really neat letter with an address. One of our interpreters come over and tell this sweet girl what the letter said, she was so excited. She then told me what she wanted me to write back to the person who sent her this box. I am going to send some pictures and what she wanted me to say to the person who sent her the box. I am so excited. I am sure the person who sent her the box will be so excited to hear from her.  That was such a fun thing to happen at the last church we visited.










I had known we were pretty close to the ocean but was not sure we were going to see it. At lunch time they took us to this outside shopping area and restaurant that were pretty much on the beach. It was beautiful!!! The restaurant was delicious. I love the ocean. It is so peaceful and I am so glad we got to enjoy the view.




It was then time for the market. I was super excited to be able to get my girls some fun things. We had an hour to shop and I think I was so anxious about running out of time which is why I did not take any pictures! I was so thankful to sweet Gladys one of our interpreters who took me around the shops and helped me barter to get good deals.


I got fun matching Peru shirts for my girls and a jacket for Brandon and a few other things for other people helping with my girls while I was gone. It was a really fun market with lots of things to choose from. After the market we had to head back to the hotel for an amazing program with a band playing peruvian music and got to hear from some youth who received shoeboxes when they were young and who are now teaching about Christ to others. So inspiring!

I can’t go on enough about how much this trip meant to me it was incredible. The flights home were exhausting but uneventful besides me being so tired I did some really not bright things, thats for another post. The reunion with my family was awesome. I love those four girls of mine. I will continue to teach them about the children of peru and my time there.

My next post will be the last of this series. It will be about all of the amazing people I met while in Peru.  I hope you have enjoyed me writing about Peru I want to share more about Peru in the future and more about my plans this coming year to raise money and pack boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

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