Christmas Shopping

I believe that Christmas shopping should be an Olympic sport. It should be something you train for all year long, not only physically but mentally. Their should be computer programs that test us on how fast we can find bargains online and buy them before they are sold out. Skill tests that see how long we can handle tortuous freezing temperatures in lines all night long. It is not for the faint of heart.That is one things that is for sure.

I should have realized this when I took my three kids and my husband with me to do some major shopping on Friday night. I was feeling WAY behind and needed to get things done pronto. We decided we would shop at Target  and Costco. The two best stores in the nation in my humble opinion.

Costco went great. the samples really distract my kids. If they are starting to whine there is nothing like a tiny spoonful of yogurt or one of those health smoothies they are always demonstrating with 50 different veggies and fruits to keep them happy. I found a lot of great stuff their and the most hilarious/awesome gift  for my brothers and their wife’s. Alas I cannot share this awesomeness they might read this. I will after Christmas I promise.

Next up was Target I could tell we might have some tantrums ahead. We had not eaten dinner yet but did not think we would be that long in target. How I could think that was a mystery to me.

The Umpire and I were a perfect team. Shuffling the kids from one parent to the other while secretly buying them last minute gifts. We were like spies on a secret mission very Mr. and Mrs. smith without all the violence and plump Angelina Jolie Lips.

By the end Shout was crying that she could not take another step and all three were tired and grumpy. Nothing that going home and getting Mexican takeout on the way couldn’t cure.

So I did it. I conquered my Christmas shopping marathon. Only a few more odds and ends to get then on to the wrapping. Which should also be an Olympic sport as well. Let’s hope I survive in one piece.

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  • kim December 13, 2010, 12:25 PM

    it IS a sport! and hard work. i can’t wait to finish my shopping.

  • Julie December 14, 2010, 9:19 AM

    Good for you. I really don’t like shopping at all. Yesterday I had to hit up the mall and I about went crazy and that was just the parking lot. I think I’ll head to Costco and Target. That’s my kind of shopping!

  • Steph December 15, 2010, 10:19 AM

    I pretty much have purchased 3 presents and have many more to do. I am not letting the fact that Christmas is 10 days away make me crazy… not at all…

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