Fun Utah date/Family Night Alert

So I was given two tickets to see Blue Man Group, but I was not required to post I just wanted to share because my husband and I had such a fun night!

BlueManGroupWe had not had a date night in forever I am sure you all know that feeling. I had wanted to see Blue Man Group for a while and it was seriously awesome! Our girls would have loved it as well. It was hilarious and so cool. It was visually spectacular and we loved the music. I have always loved the Arts and this was just plain fun! My husband equally enjoyed it. If you have family or friends that don’t particularly love the Theatre (said in a snobby snooty way) This would be a great introduction! There was also tons of kids at the show as well and it is super family friendly. Looking for a special Date or family night? Here are the Details.

Blue Man Group will be playing through April 6th at the Kingsbury Hall.  More info Here Obligatory selfie below

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  • Elisabeth April 3, 2014, 9:52 AM

    Thanks for coming out. Looks like a great date night but your right perfect for the kids too.

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