End of the Summer

I cannot believe it is almost the end of summer It has been disappearing faster than fruit snacks do in my cupboard and it is making me think about all the things I will miss about this summer. Don’t get me wrong I am so ready for the fall especially because two of the Screamettes will be starting school and I will have time to nap clean all day and get so much done.

The thing I will miss the most from this summer is Snow Cones. I am addicted. I have always always loved Snow cones. There is something about the millions of options, the way the taste so good on a hot summer day, and the excitement over knowing your going make time to get one on a very stressful afternoon that makes them so fulfilling.

The umpire makes fun of my snow cone habit often. With jokes about our entire income being spent there and other exaggerations. You see he does not like Snow cones! How can that be? You are thinking. I have no idea and wonder the exact same thing daily. It also makes you wonder if he hates Puppies and rainbows as well.

My girls and I love them and have found the best Snow cone place ever. It is a shaved ice one where the ice is so fine and amazing that eating one is better than Christmas morning.

I go there so often that the Snow cone employees know me. They are friendly and sweet and often give me extra punches on my punch card.  My favorite flavor is peach with cream added in. This particular snow cone place also piles the ice way on top of the cup. It is pure bliss I tell ya!!

On my latest trip over there I was making small talk about how much longer they were going to be open and so on. When I asked for another punch card. I was shocked after I received my snow cones and card,  looked on the back of my card and saw that this was written.

I guess I would be first on their list for things  that they will miss from this summer! I loved showing my husband this by the way and am tempted not to cash it in just so I can cherish those words forever!

What will you miss most about the summer?

**UPDATE: We have since gone back to the Snow Cone shack and The Umpire saw a punch card given to another costumer with the exact writing on the back. To say I am crushed is an understatement.  I still will not deny my love for this snow cone shack even if my ego is a tad bruised.

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  • Harmony August 24, 2011, 12:59 PM

    3- BBQing
    2- Running outside
    1- Chatting with my favorite neighbor 😉

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