Switching to Healthy Lunches

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LiVe Well

The start of a new school year always brings more organization. I have a much easier time planning things and running errands with only my two year old home with me while her sisters are in school all day. I love it!  My family dinner plans have been  better  with me incorporating veggies and more healthy ingredients for our night time meals, but guess what I had over looked? Lunch. I realized this when I was eating the left over mac and cheese that my daughter had finished eating and thought to myself that this needed to change.

My daughters eat school lunch most of the time, but how much better would it be if I sent them with a more healthy filling homemade lunches more often? The timing was perfect because I recently got invited to learn all about making healthy delicious lunches with Intermountain Healthcare and their LiVe Well healthy lunches program. A nutritionist came to speak with us about all of the great healthy options that will help our children grow strong. I loved all of the information she shared and all the effort that they are putting into educating people about healthy lunches.

They have tons of information, even print outs to help you plan your week of lunches. I love the planning sheets and can’t wait to use them with my when I plan my families lunches.

We were given an awesome bento style rubbermaod lunch box with tons of containers that fit perfect size portions for lunch. I love that there is an icepack that connects to the containers as well. If you head over to the Intermountain LiVe Well Facebook page you can enter to win one of 8 of these hard to find lunch boxes! You can also find the lunch printout helps there as well.



We then had a chance to a prepare a lunch of our own with tons of fun options. I loved the little packages of cheese and can’t wait to buy some for my girls lunches.

Healthy Lunches

I learned that it does not have to be super difficult to plan a healthy lunch. It can take minimal prep and be so beneficial. Here are a few tips they mentioned to help the whole process of smoother.

* Have your children come to the store with you and help pick the items.

* Have your child help prepare the lunch the night before with you.

*Use fun shapes and themes for the lunches. (To get more ideas on packing lunches you can follow them on Pinterest.)

I am really excited to implement what I  learned! I know my family will be so excited to try their new lunches and the benefits of eating a healthy lunch will be even better.

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