AAA of Utah

This is a sponsored post on behalf of AAA of Utah. All opinions are of course my own.


AAA of Utah

My husband and I have been a one car family for the last five years. It has it’s setbacks but has worked for us for the most part, expecially with the recent addition of a scooter to get my husband to work when the weather cooperates. On colder days he takes the bus.


The thing I always worry about is what If I need help? What if the car breaks down. or won’t start? I have family near by but I don’t always want to bug them and they are not always available either. So when I was given the opportunity to get AAA membership to try out and share about I knew it was a perfect fit. Although I have not had to take advantage of the service as of yet  here is a few things that I really like about it.


The Cost It is very affordable at only $5 a month. I really assumed AAA was a lot more than that.

It covers you in any car!

You get coast to coast coverage 24/7


Also the app you can download on your phone is seriously awesome. I loved how easy it was to sign in with your account information.  It has a map GPS system that is super helpful. It also has all the wonderful discounts that are included in your membership on the app to help you to remember to use them. I happen to also love the fact that when I do need AAA to come to my rescue I can message them though the app and they can get my current location from my phone! I am horrible at telling directions so I am so glad I don’t have to mumble my way on the phone trying to get someone to be able to actually find me.

With all this ice and snow lately I really do take comfort in the fact that I have someone I can call if I have a problem,  especially because when I drive my little ones are usually with me as well. Call the number up above to get more information.


* I was provided a membership and compensation from AAA for this sponsored post. All opinions are completely my own.


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