The Littles


With two of my kids being in school all day and my other two home most of the day I have categorized them in two groups The Bigs and the Littles (Yes I know I am way too clever for my own good)

The littles are cute no matter what they do. They are sneaky and full of energy. They are my Bonnie and Clyde and my Abbott and Costello all rolled into one. How lucky they are to have one another. How lucky I am to have both of them.

My lack of sisters of my own makes me exhale a big sigh of relief somedays for the extra drama I did not have to experience, but also can  cause a dull pain other days for the lack of having someone by my side to connect with like only sisters can.

All I know is that when they grow up they better invite me most of the time when they hang out together and never charge me for the therapy bills they accrue because they have me as their mother!






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