How School is Going.

School days


After having a rough drop off for the first day of school I felt I better update about how things are going. The short answer: Great!!

Of course I am a blogger so none of my answers are short so here is the long answer. They are loving school and really having a good time. They are meeting friends and really enjoying their teachers. This makes me so happy. I love to see there happy faces after school where they still (Thankfully) run to me for a big hug and tell me all about how school went.

It’s pretty much my favorite because kids say really funny things. Here are a few hilarious things my girls told me about the first week of school.

My fifth grader Shriek was so excited to come home and tell me that she got chosen to help serve in the Cafeteria for the week. Her words “Mom! It’s like working at a mini Cafe!!!”

My second grader Shout: Declared to me that a new friend she met during recess told her she could not run around and play and get dirty too much because her dress cost two thousand dollars.

Like I said, hilarity.

I know every day won’t be perfect. I know they will both have their own trials. I am just grateful I get to be the one they share these things with.

The one who receives the hugs.


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  • Michal Sarah September 5, 2013, 2:42 PM

    Love this! Love you!

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