Attempting To Run


A few weeks ago I started jogging, more like walking with a tiny bit more spring in my step but trying none the less, It is kicking my trash, it is hard and I am not loving it too much. I think my walk is faster than my run and I am averaging something like a 30 minute mile (mild exaggeration) but you know what? There is something gratifying about pushing yourself to do something that is hard. I get in a bad habit comfort zone way too often before I realize HEY there is no room for growth when I am just doing whats easy! Sitting on my derrière watching ten episodes of Mad Men a day is not going to give me results. But it does make me want every outfit those ladies wear on that show and red hair!

It helps that the littles come along. I have a two kid jogging/biking stroller that they cram into and man, are they cute. They are my cheerleaders. They get me to go in the first place by begging to go in that thing with snacks. If I start to sing one of the songs on my headphones they sing along. I mention I need water and an adorable hand with a water bottle appears out of the stroller. It does not turn well so I have to pop a wheely every time I need to make a turn. They go crazy with giggles and screams when that happens.

I also  live in a  neighborhood where people sit on their porches on nice weather days and they root me on. Fist pumps in the air, a man probably in his eighties even pretended to catch up with me one time. Hilarious. I could not stop grinning. How can I not run with those kind of shenanigans happening, oh and there was that one day we saw a squirrel cross the road. I just happen to love squirrels and no, I don’t know why.

I can guarantee that I will never be a bonefide runner who loves to run so much that they buy shirts that have clever sayings about how much they love to run, however it is beginning to be a habit. a good one at that. Now if only I would stop going home and snacking on chocolate and cookie dough immediately after.

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