Elmer’s CraftBond and X-ACTO Scrapbooking products

Today’s review is truly Screamtastic! I am a Bzz agent and because of that I got to take part in an awesome campaign to try out Elmer’s CraftBond and X-ACTO scrap booking tools!

I used to be an avid scrap booker. I had tons of supplies, everything you would need to whip out an adorable keepsake. I even have an old school dye cutting machine the ones you have to pull down on the lever. Shriek has an accurate scrapbook documenting her entire 1st year of life. Nothing was missed! Why did I stop? You may ask. Well the truth is as soon as Shriek became mobile I found it impossible to get out all stuff with out being attacked! I still love it though and now that my kids are getting older I find it less intimidating to get out my stuff and create.

That is why I was so excited to try out some of these awesome products! Here is a picture of the products I received.

There is just an endless amount of cute things I can make with these right? it was very hard to choose and let me just say that I am one of these non perfectionist crafter’s. My stuff does not turn out perfect, but it is fun and freeing to try new things I think.

I wanted to include my girls in my craft so I chose for us to make some festive bookmarks. Shriek is always reading lately and loosing her place in her books so I thought these would help.

Don”t ya love the cheesy phrases?

here is another one I made to put in my Mom’s new childrens book she just published. I am very excited to review it really soon! You can get more info about it at Jozy books

My girls loved using the new tools with me They were Pro’s with the glue stick and the glue pen. The scissors were super easy to cut with. I loved the glue pen is was not goopy or too big of a mess and it was totally clear glue. The Glue Dots were also mess free and very easy to use The permanent tape runner was a little tricky but once I got it going it worked well. I liked using the good old glue stick the best.

these are definitely products I will continue to use and would buy. There is a whole section at Walmart filled with these Elmer’s CraftBond and X-ACTO products which makes them very convenient to get.

Elmer’s website also has a craft club you can sign up to be apart of and to get new ideas! I had a lot of fun trying these products out. I really think I will now try to craft more often!

** Disclaimer: I received these products for free because I am a Bzz agent. All opinions are my own.

I am also over at Mommy Moment today talking about Dad’s and Daughters.

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