New Fall Shows on NBC

I love T.V. I really do. I always look forward to new shows that I can watch when fall finally arrives. It’s no surprise with four daughters that I am a little exhausted by the end of the day. T.V. is my relax time.

A little while ago I was able to preview some new fall shows that are airing on NBC. The event was at the KSL news Studios and  it was tons of fun. I was not required to post about it. I just wanted to share a few shows that I enjoyed and that  you should definitely not miss this fall.





 The Blacklist: Although I have never been a huge James Spader fan The Blacklist is super incredible. It had me enthralled the whole time. I really think there is a lot of crime drama’s on TV, but this one is unique and very well executed. The acting is phenomenal and Female FBI investigator played by Megan Boone is a really strong and likable character. I cannot wait to watch more. This is one I will look forward to watching every week!


Believe: Holy Crap this good! I love J.J Abrams. Lost is one of my all time favorite shows so I really did think I would enjoy this Drama. That is an underestimate. The story is super fascinating involving a little girl with super natural powers. If your thinking this will be too scary and over dramatic your wrong. it is strangely heartwarming and just plain good. I had not heard of it before and am at the edge of my seat to watch more episodes.



The Micheal J Fox Show: I love Michael J Fox, in fact a few weeks ago I kid you not my husband and I were scanning Netflix and we watched Teen Wolf . I had not seen it forever and it seriously made me laugh. His new show is really good. I so enjoy seeing him act again. I liked the story and definitely think it is a fun watch. I am not sure it is a show that will keep me tuned in week after week, but I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy Michael J Fox. Because as I mentioned he is great!

So along with the cooler weather and everything pumpkin flavored Fall TV is definitely something to look forward to.




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