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I love t-shirts and jeans. I really don’t go a lot of places besides my kids school and the grocery store during the day  and I like to be as comfy as possible. With this pregnancy I thought it would be fun to have a bunch of quirky saying t-shirts to wear and a few pairs of comfy jeans. I was having such a hard time finding some fun ones when I decided to look on Etsy. I hit the jack pot! There were so many maternity t-shirts with funny sayings!

I was so happy when Jelly Bean Apparel replied to my request to review a shirt. They have so many options. Here are a few I loved.

I love the idea having your month due on your shirt so everyone does not have to ask.

Good advice for all those strangers that want to rub your belly!

This one needs no explanation! Love

They also have ones for the Dad to be as well.

I had such a hard time deciding, there was so many I loved! I finally went with this hilarious one.

         So fun right? I know my tummy is not too big right now but I figured if people are wondering if I am pregnant or not, they will not have to guess.  The shirt is a really comfy material and plenty stretchy for the months to come. It has a cute fit as well. It also feels so good on. I also like to add a white long sleeve shirt under it for the winter. I seriously could wear this shirt everyday. I might just do that!

Go check out Jelly Bean Apparel for their fun shirts for the whole family. They also have an Etsy and Twitter.

*I received a free shirt for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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