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Over at my house there has been a serious drought of cute hairstyles and fun accessories. You think that having three girls would make me this amazing hair whisperer and an adorable up do extraordinaire but alas this is not so.

It is true what they say that an artist is nothing without his brush  because when I received a box crammed full of adorable Gimme Clips my mind was filled with all the fun I was going to have doing my girls hair. Their excitement was also a plus and we got to work trying all these fun products!

Gimme clips was started by a mom of three girls who wanted hair accessories that were not only beautiful but affordable. Gimme clips is both of these things. Here are some fun pictures of my cute girls being hair models.

Gimme Clips also has a new line of hair clips called Gimme Braids. They are creative and super easy to use. I was a little intimidated with the ribbons that entwine through the hair. but at the top there is a perfect spot that holds a bobby pin that makes it simple and so pretty! Not  hard at all. I also loved the little elastics and clips to put on braids. They have great video tutorials as well that can show you ideas and techniques.

( Although I want to, I can’t take credit for those perfect braids, Shriek got her hair cut and had the stylist braid it)

The Gimme Braid products came out last week and can be found at Walgreens and Walmart and other stores along with Gimme Clips.

I also love the Gimme couture that were adorable boutique like bows that also have a pin on the back that make it possible to add some style to a top.

I can honestly say that I will continue to buy this fun product for it’s affordability and just plain cuteness also because they are also very conveniently sold at so many locations.

* Disclosure: Gimme Clips provided me and my girls a huge variety to try out for this review all opinions are my own!

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