boba Wrap Review


I knew that I wanted to baby wear Squeak as much as possible even before I had her. I had seen so many different options and was excited to find a really great wrap. I was recommended the boba wrap over and over again. I even went to a specialty breastfeeding store that only carried boba’s and swore by them. I was so excited to get one sent to me to try out.

I was going to a blogging conference (EVO) with Squeak in tow and knew I needed something to have her close to me, a stroller would be way to big in a crowded class or dinner. I needed something that would be east to travel with and something Squeak would enjoy spending time in.

The Boba was perfect!! She loved it and got in a lot of cuddles with me and snoozes in while I went from class to class. I got so many compliments about how comfy she looked all snuggled in her boba. It was seriously so easy to use and did not take me long to master at all. I found it  hilarious when my cute roommate Rachel and her baby came with the exact same color of boba.

I love using my boba everywhere it is so much easier than carrying around that huge car seat and I know the closeness is so good for my little one. When she is fussy it calms her right down to be near me. She feels so secure in it.

I seriously am so glad I have one and love that it will be something that will grow with her. There are different holds you can put your baby in. I really recommend the video’s on the website to help. They are very clear and easy to understand. I thought it would be much harder to figure out then it was. I also like how stretchy the material is.

I love having Squeak so close to me. I wish I would have had a boba with my other Screamette’s for sure. There are so many baby products avaliable nowadays. This one should definitely be on the must have list. I love that it makes this crazy mom gig a little easier!

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*I received a new boba wrap for this review. All baby wearing opinions are my own.

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