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If you have read my blog for awhile you know that I have an undying love for my iPhone, it is near my side at every moment and even near my pillow while I sleep. I do not know what I would do without it! I have found that apps are crucial to my survival so when I find a good one I love to pass it on.

Intermountain Mom’s has recently released an App that is a must have for all expecting mom’s out there. It is called Baby Steps. After playing around with it and seeing all it does I was seriously bummed it was not around yet when I had my last baby in May.

The app  tracks your pregnancy giving you a week by week update of what is going on like many other apps but there is so much more avaliable that I have not seen featured in any other pregnancy app. Here are a few features that stood out to me.

  • A huge baby name dictionary.
  • A place to type in questions you have for your health care provider and the follow up answers.
  • A Diary that includes a recording feature for you to actually record the baby’s heartbeat at your appointments.
  • A community feature that takes you directly to the intermountain mom’s Facebook page.
  • A Video from Nurse Dani on every single week of pregnancy.
  • Easy to share updates and announcement that can be posted on your Facebook page


You can’t forget that you can also ask Nurse Dani any questions you may have about your pregnancy on the Intermountain Mom’s Facebook page and they will be answered either on the ask Nurse Dani status or by video.

Baby Steps by Intermountain is an amazing resource, it’s free. and it’s also available here for Android and available for the iPhone and ipad. I love that all this great information can be taken with you where ever you go and that there is a reliable resource to get the information needed most during pregnancy.


*This is a sponsored post through Intermountain mom’s, all opinions about my iPhone obsession and this great app are my own.

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