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I am so excited about today’s edition of Screamtastic stuff!

I have only been wearing glasses since last December although I have wanted to wear them my WHOLE life. (I am a nerd) I even sported a fake pair when I started college. Looking intellectual did not help my grades. I blame my husband who I had just met to the distraction which caused my bad grades!

Now being a mom who needs and wears glasses I am always worried about my kids breaking them somehow or me stepping on them or some other ditsy way of destroying them which is inevitable coming from me.

That is why I was so excited to review Airwear Lenses! They are 12 times more impact resistant not to mention 43%  lighter!  As my good reading rainbow friend would say you don’t have to take my word for it. it is all on there very informative and easy to navigate website

Another neat fact about Airwear lenses is they are actually made from the same material NASA uses to make the visors for the astronauts. previously living about 5 minutes from NASA in Texas a few years ago and touring the space center makes me realize how strong these lenses would have to be!

Being the newbie that I am in the glasses department I really thought I would not notice any difference with these lenses. But I did immediately! They felt so much lighter. I prefer to wear the glasses with the Airwear Lenses then my other ones. off the subject My new frames are also a lot cuter too Black and pink a little sassier style than I am used to. I  Love them!

Airwear  has a really neat contest going on right now that parents can enter to win free lenses or a cash prize of 1000 dollars. Go here to enter. You need to write a 250 word essay about how you are going to ensure a safer better and more successful  school year for your child.

I actually thought of a few things to make your child’s school year better. Things not to do that I obviously already have done. Learn from my mistakes people!

  1. Do not remember that it is picture day right after you drop your second grader off to school only to have to drive home to grab your check book, a brush, and some thing for her hair and immediately go back.
  2. Remember to have larger bills than a 5 in your wallet when paying for lunch money so you don’t have to go in and pay every 3-4 days! (yes I know there is an automatic pay online website. I have not figured it out yet!
  3. Do not forget it is show and tell day.

(School has only been going for 5 weeks!  Just imagine how many screw up moments I will have by the end of the year!)

I really appreciate Airwear for giving me the opportunity to review their durable  Lenses!

**Disclaimer: I received free lenses to review. frames were purchased by me. All opinions are my own.

*** Thanks also to twittermoms where I learned about this opportunity.

****I am also over at mommy moment today!

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  • one cluttered brain October 7, 2010, 8:21 AM

    Can’t ya just post a pic of U wearing them?
    Man. I understand pics of your FAM not up but u? Please?
    Pics, pics pics!!!!!!
    Yes, I’m a picture girl!
    Glad U liked the glasses!

  • one cluttered brain October 7, 2010, 8:22 AM

    or the lenses I mean…SIGH

  • Losing Brownies October 7, 2010, 12:22 PM

    Those sound neat! I wear glasses too, but my biggest problem is my 5 month old grabbing them and smugging them.

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