A New House, A New Church Building

I'm a Mormon.

We have lived in our new house for over a month now and are loving it! We are still working on all of the changes that come with a new place.  Even though we only moved about five minutes away it changed the church we go too. Well not the  actual church as in religion, We are definitely still members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints (Mormon) what I mean though is the meeting house we go to every sunday and for activities during the week, and the people in our congregation all changed.


The building you meet in is decided by where you live. Each meeting house has boundaries. Like a School. Probably in every other state we would have stayed in the same ward because the boundaries are quite large everywhere else but with there being so many LDS meetinghouses in Utah you could technically move one street over and that would change where you meet every sunday and who you meet with.


It’s pretty cool though no matter the building you meet in the church is the exact same. Even down to teaching the same doctrine every week as all the other meetinghouses. I love that wether I am in Hawaii, Africa or Utah I would be learning about the same thing. It also makes changing a ward much easier because you feel quite at home immediately, everything is familiar.


I was still pretty nervous for this change. We lived in our Condo for three years. I became quite familiar with my neighbors and fellow church members. I loved them all very much. Meeting new friends is hard. Especially for women I think because it takes a while before you get to know one another and feel comfortable. I had also been preparing my kids to meet new friends. They had been nervous as well.


A few weeks before we were going to move in to our house we were driving around the neighborhood and I spotted some kids. I immediately in a loud sing songy voice said to my oldest LOOK A FUTURE FRIEND! (I really did say it in an obnoxious overly sweet silly way) It was not too mortifying the windows were rolled up I promise.  It backfired quickly though when my kids started to shout it about every single person we saw. It was pretty Hilarious, and also got old quickly.


The Saturday after we moved we saw a sign announcing a neighborhood barbecue at the church meetinghouse. We decided to go and I felt like I had warped back in time to being a new girl on the first day of school. Those feelings quickly faded. Everyone was very sweet and inviting.


While at the Barbecue I began talking to this other mom when my seven year old chimed in with her dead on rendition of my  FUTURE FRIEND saying, cheesiness and all. I was a little embarrassed but probably deserved it for how silly I can be and how I will for sure embarrass them in the future. Its a given.


We are very excited to be a part of our new neighborhood and to get to know everyone. We have been to church at our new building for a little while now and love it.


The LDS Church just announced that they will now be having tours of LDS meetinghouses soon which I think is pretty neat. To find out more info you can go here.

*After thought: Totally did not realize it was Pioneer Day today either! Crazy coincidence.

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