In Limbo

It has truly been a crazy two weeks. there is no better way to explain current happenings than bullet points so here we go.

*We moved! We are currently living with my sweet inlaws and will be closing on our new house in the next week or two. This explains the lack of posts. I am most excited for the fact that our new house has two bathrooms! Who ever thought that would be so thrilling?


*Today is Squeaks First Birthday! Cannot believe a year has gone by! I love her easy going nature, her expressive face and the way she loves her big sisters.

*So happy summer is almost here. Time for swimming, Popsicle making, and backyard BBQ’s

*I can not comprehend how big my kids are getting. this next school year Shriek will be in the 5th grade and is currently 5 foot 1 inches tall. How did that happen?

*Yes I realize these are stars and not bullet points but I am doing this on my iPad and could not find the bullet points.

*Last but not least. I cannot wait to start cooking again! Fast food is sure getting old during this limbo stage I am trying to decide what should be our first meal in our new place. Realistically it will probably be Mac and cheese.

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  • Julie DeMille May 28, 2013, 3:13 PM

    So excited for your new house! I completely understand about the bathrooms- we had one for eight years and when we moved that was what I was most excited about! (That and a back yard.)
    Good luck!

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