My Pregnancy Craving Revealed

One of my favorite things about being pregnant is giving into the cravings. Telling that husband of yours to get in the car and bring you home what your dying to have or else, in a nice way of course.

Throughout my other pregnancies I have had different cravings. This one is by far my favorite and easiest to attain.

It is a Slurpee.

I had no idea this was a common pregnancy craving until I started seeing other pregnant ladies on Facebook and twitter comment that they needed one ASAP.

There is nothing else that tastes better than a cold iced carbonated sugary drink late at night that you don’t have to share.

My husband has a night job and has been making it a routine to grab me one on his way home from work. I almost hug the Slurpee instead of him as he walks in the door with that cold delicious beverage.

I really love the fruity flavors, minus Banana. I also think blue Powerade Slurpee is divine.

My sweet sweet husband of a man even one upped my regular Slurpee craving about a week ago by bringing home the queen of all Slurpee cups. The reusable two sectioned cup with removable divider and magic two strawed contraption with three settings. One setting for each side and then one if you want it to be mixed, all triggered by rotating the little slurpee knob.  Pure genius!!!

I don’t use the cup every time even though I do love it because I have found I am kind of a Slurpee purist and enjoy it best in the paper cup with the smaller straws that my husband always brings me two of because I usually end up breaking one.

I definitely married a keeper.

I love to lay back on my couch and slowly slurp away while I watch the news. Daydreaming about the next time I get to have another one of these amazing drinks that complete me in a way nothing else will.

What was/is your favorite pregnancy craving?


*this post is in no way sponsored by 7-11 but if you do know them please hook me up. This Slurpee habit is adding up!

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  • Tara Oliver April 13, 2012, 2:07 PM

    mmmmm that sounds really good right now! my cravings during this pregnancy have been more food things like hot dogs and Quizno’s chicken sandwiches. and sour cherries. :)

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