Crest and Oral-B Pro Health For Me party

Last week I had the opportunity to host an Oral-B and Crest  Pro health For Me mommy party play date.

I wanted to host this play date because as of lately I know my kiddos have been slacking in the brushing teeth department so I thought it would be fun to have a get together where we talked about it and had fun and got to try out products of a brand I already use and buy. with all of there friends.

Mommy Parties provided me with a big box full of the stuff I would need for the Cars 2 viewing party including goody bags.

All of the kids LOVED the concessions. Clever names make everything taste better right?

The treats included AAA Artichoke dip, spare tires, and Tow-Maters Veggies and dip. Of course popcorn as well!

They also loved getting all cozy on the pillows to watch the movie. I realized my Condo is quite small when many of the kiddos wanted us moms to talk quieter so they could enjoy the movie. Which I don’t think we did. Mom’s have to have some social time as well!

In the middle of the movie we played a game. yucky mouth vs. clean mouth. It was a hit. The kids did a great job at putting the pictures on the correct side. They were all really cute about it. Even some of the Kid’s littler brothers and sisters got involved.

I loved giving each child a goody bag filled with Crest and Oral-b products. The moms loved this as well and a few told me they have used these products before and love them. Especially the flossers. One mom said that the flossers are the only reason her kids floss at all. I do think those make it so much easier!

All in all it was a fun experience. A little crazy due to my small place but lots of fun.

*Mommy Parties supplied me everything I needed to have this play date. All opinions are my own.

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