May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

I love winning things, who doesn’t? It literally could be anything. As a blogger I have come home from events with many a branded pen or water bottle and have been over the moon winning things such as a sweatshirt or a bottle of lotion. What can I say I am quirky (Or I just like free stuff). I have always been one to enter contests.

So When I knew Taylor Swift was coming to Utah and after her tickets sold out in three minutes I knew come August I was going to devote my time to win a pair of tickets. My nine yr old was having a birthday soon and she would freak out if we could go!

About two weeks before the concert I started researching who was giving away tickets and what I would have to do to win. There was a few contests that just weren’t going to work. One including being a dude and dressing up and performing as Taylor Swift. My husband was not too keen on that idea. So my greatest chance was going to be from listening to the radio. Now let me just say that I did not take this lightly. after posting this on Facebook,

Screenshot 2015-10-04 at 6.08.54 PM

Programming my phone with the radio stations number, and bringing an old school radio in the kitchen I was set.

I knew after two Taylor Swift songs were played in a row I had to be caller number ten. First try off the bat I was caller number five! SO close yet so far away. I ended day one with no tickets but knew bright and early the next day more would be given away. I literally had to run out of the shower when I thought I heard a Swifty song playing I just had to hope that I closed my blinds before I got in.

On the second day of trying in the morning is when it happened I had an inkling they would be giving away them soon and I was glued to the radio. As soon as the second Taylor Swift song started I was calling over and over and over again. When the phone rang my heart dropped and it even plummeted more when I heard the awesomely  peppy DJ’s say hello. We had some small talk while my hear was racing when they finally spilled the beans telling me I had just won!

I freaked out like a little girl. I had accomplished my goal!

To say that my  daughter was ecstatic was an understatement. With four girls I was prepared for sadness from my other kids but it was not so bad. They got over it.

The concert was amazing. Our seats were fantastic. We could see Taylor so well and loved every minute. As I looked over at my daughter right when Taylor started singing I could not help but laugh at her excitement. She was screaming and could not believe that we were actually in the same room as Taylor Swift.

photo (15)

It was worth it. I would do it again in a heart beat, but next time It’s my husbands turn. I think I should start shopping for his wig.


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Survival Mode


I know we have all experienced this, a time in your life when everything sucks all at once. We are talking about suckage on the apocalyptic level.

The good part is these moments go away and life goes on but life is oh so not fun while it is happening I call this mode Survival mode.

The last few weeks before school started were survival mode for us. While out to dinner with friends I had this unbearable pain in my lower back on one side, It  hit super quick and got horrible fast. after having them rush me home my husband took one look at me and took me to the ER I had an inkling what it may be. I was right. I had large kidney stones in each kidney. This is the first time I have had this. You guys this pain was horrific. I will answer the labor vs kidney stone pain question immediately. KIDNEY STONES ARE WORSE! It took two doses of morphine to dull the pain enough so I could breathe again. I had to stay over night so the doctor could do surgery on one kidney to break up the stones the next morning. after stents and another surgery on the other kidney The pain has been on and off for the last few weeks while I pass smaller stones. It took awhile to feel like myself again.

During all of this my whole family got this horrible cough that spurred on my nine yr old’s asthma that has not been a problem for the last five years. Inhalers and breathing treatments the whole nine yards. Then two of my kids and husband got the 24 hour stomach bug and our AC was out. We were also in the process of finding our puppy a new home after four months of it just not working. Cue horrible feelings of emotional guilt.

I seriously did not think I would make it through this awful time.  Surprise, of course I did!

what got me through was just living in the moment not and trying not to care about my whole family being in pj’s and eating out of takeout boxes. I tried not freak (But failed a lot) about the house being a disaster and that I still had a lot to get ready for when school started.

I had neighbors who brought meals and family who helped me immensely. I also did not bat an eye when my girls would binge watch seasons and seasons of kids shows that usually make my skin crawl. I shudder to think the amount of time there eyes were glued to screens.

Things are all pretty much back to normal. I am counting my blessings and knowing that things could have been  much worse.

One of my girls asked me why things seemed to be so awful all at once. I told her that things have to suck really bad sometimes so we can know how good we have it. I know I will have plenty more opportunities to learn this lesson over and over and over again.

I do hope life is boring for just a little while though.




Uplift Families Parenting Conference

upliftfamilieslogoSchool started a few days ago and to say I am drowning in parenting dilemma’s would be an understatement. One child is worried about friends and all of the newness that comes with a new school year. Another is struggling with feeling better after a terrible cough that lead to asthma, inhalers and breathing treatments are not fun, and They all bickered the whole summer. I am just done with a capitol D.

I know everyone will be okay once we get in a routine but I am feeling massively unequipped to deal with all of the drama. That is why I was so happy when I was asked if I was interested in learning more and becoming a blog partner with the First Lady of Utah Jeanette Herbert on her initiative, Uplift families. Because boy does my family need some uplifting right now!

Uplift Families is meant to give us parents many resources to help us out. The three fold purpose of Uplift Families is,

  • 1. strengthen parent-child relationships
  • 2. provide tools and resources that improve parenting skills
  • 3. help children make safe and healthy choices

There is a wonderful website with many many articles on parenting topics all with great applicable info. Lot’s of great video’s as well.

I learned all about it at a luncheon at the Governors mansion with tons of my favorite Utah bloggers a few weeks ago and can I just say how sincere the first lady is and how much she cares about families?  The governors mansion is not half bad either.


I also learned more about the upcoming Uplift Families Parenting Conference in September that will be held at Thanksgiving Point. I don’t know about you but I read a lot of articles online and I feel like the message always stays with me and inspires me a little more when I am listening to someone with passion about a subject in person.  There will be many speakers to inspire us parents in the best way. I can’t wait. The whole event looks outstanding. It will for sure be a night to walk away truly uplifted and ready to better handle all the craziness we face everyday as parents.


I really would like to see you there! I even have a way you can all save $5.00 on admission, which is a fabulous deal considering a wonderful dinner will also be served. (I love it when food is involved.)

For 20.00 dollars you and your spouse, a friend, or your mom can enjoy an especially uplifting night. Or even just a night out by yourself. A break that we all need to take every once in a while for only $10.00 Just use code Living2015 to receive the discount. Tickets can be purchased here.

I am really excited to be involved with this great cause and can’t wait to apply what I learn to my own family. My sanity depends on it!


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The Potty Train Has Left The Building

PottyTrainingDo you ever have something in your life that you know you should do but you keep putting it off and have this overwhelming feeling it is going to be the worst thing possible? The funny thing is that when you actually suck it up and do it it is not near as bad as you thought it would be.

Potty training my youngest was like that for me. I was dreading it like the plague. Little did I know, orange Mike and Ikes and Paw Patrol undies would get my cutie using the potty like a champ!

I also find it funny how amazed by this new skill I am. I find myself in awe the first few days like she deserves a Pulitzer prize or something instead of the fact that she is just sitting on the porcelain throne like we all do daily.

Anyone who knows me knows I can get a little overenthusiastic. potty training is no exception I am like Richard Simmons on crack.  I probably look like I am literally going to explode when my child first uses the potty. I just want them to be proud of themselves, but I may be overdoing it. We came up with a song to sing and because it’s summer and all of my creative juices are dried out. Her song song went like this, “I went Pee hip hip hooray, I went Pee hip hip Hooray.” Yeah, probably not going to win a Grammy for that one. She loved the song and still sings it even when we are in public restrooms. Hilarious.

After about a week she was pretty much accident free. If I would have known it was going to be this easy I would have done this a lot sooner. You would think I would know have learned that lesson by now.

Nope, I most definitely have not.



The Upside to Being an Introvert


My Mom recently gifted us a pass to a community pool nearby. To say it is saving my summer is the understatement of the year. Summer and I aren’t exactly on the best terms. The bickering and “I am bored’s” coming from my kids make me feel like the Fable of the lobster in the cold pot of water that does not realize how much trouble he is in until it is too late. The water slowly getting too hot, eventually cooking him before he can realize it.

The pool is an outlet, a place I can take my girls where they are unequivocally happy. Their cheerfulness is contagious and sitting in the hot sun seeing their joy has done me a lot of good.

As I look around at all the moms saving there sanity like me applying sunscreen frequently to dimpled cheeks and sun kissed shoulders, I see friendships. Moms talking to one another non stop.

I have to admit a little pang of loneliness hits me wishing I had someone to talk to. That is where my introverted personality comes in. Of course I have people to talk to! After one short intro I am sure I could be friends with many of the Moms at the pool They all seem very nice and would be super polite. My nerves stop me in my tracks while I think about the awkwardness that always comes shortly after I open my mouth. My mind races. “Was I too forward?” “Oh I  should not have just said that.” “Do they really even want me to join in the conversation?”

Instead I have let my introverted ways leave me sitting by my kids. Them as my only company. That it when it has actually been a huge plus to be socially awkward. I have instead spent almost every minute at the pool playing with my kids. Imagine that! We make up synchronized swimming routines to “Shake it Off.” I throw sinkable rings to my cuties at their delight with no iphone in sight. Complete hands on ness which I admit is not always a part of my routine, My girls are taking notice. I see it in their eyes when my answer is a big fat yes to them wanting to show me a trick just one more time.

The thickly chlorinated community pool is doing my kids and I good this summer and I would not have it any other way.