What I learned from my old CD Collection

Cd_changer_internal_cartridge (1)I ran across some of my old CD’s recently and oh the nostalgia! first of all they made me feel really old I mean CD’s are pretty much a thing of the past, right? Second, they made me realized how much certain CD’s were the back ground for different parts of my life.

The Cranberries = Jr. High.

You  know the one with the couch on the it?  Oh how I wanted to fit in!!!!  Those times were painful, the angst I felt, and all of the baggy clothes that filled my closet because I hated the changes I saw in the mirror. Oh my goodness it all comes back to me!  I can still hear my self belting out the words to Zombie thinking I was so rebellious, I was not by the way, like at all.  You guys go comfort a 12-14 yr old that time in your life is brutal!

Musicals = High School

Les Mis, Rent, I was never more carefree then when I was  singing show tunes with all of my drama geek friends. Free from a few of the insecurities that haunted me during jr high. I had found my tribe, they rocked, and we did not care how nerdy we were!

Dido = Young Adulthood  

I can not listen to this artist without thinking about when my husband and I were dating. I am immediately taken back to all of the fun we had and how special that time was. “Thank You” is our official song.  We were cheesy and corny and it was awesome.


Now excuse me while I go clean my house with the help of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack that I also owned a cassette of back in the day.  Because no one puts dirt and grime in a corner!!! 


Standing Still

Standing Still

It does not get easier, you would think it would, or at least it is supposed to the more you do it. I say often to myself when I am tackling something hard with one of my daughters that this is not my first  rodeo but in a way isn’t each rodeo different when you have a different horse? Enough with the rodeo analogy, but I am learning just because I have done something before does not make me an expert.

I just left my youngest crying at her preschool. The same preschool that she has loved for the last two months. Something made her sad last time she was there and she has not gotten over it. The easy thing would be to let her stay at home.  Preschool for me has never been about necessity but more for my child to grow socially and for me to have a small break.

letting her stay home would be giving into her fears. I do not want my little one to be afraid of things that she once loved. It sucks. I would much rather cuddle her for hours and tell her that she never has to do anything hard in her entire life. It’s obvious that that’s not a good idea.

I look at my life though, am I doing enough hard things on a daily basis? I tend to do whats easiest or the least amount of something. So many things need to be done in my house and I find myself putting them off daily. Only doing the smallest amount as possible. Washing the clothes but never putting them away. Never deep cleaning the floor that is just getting grosser by the minute. Letting the dishes pile up so high that it seems too unrealistic to ever have an empty sink again.

I have something I really want to do eating away at me. It is crazy and lofty and oh so appealing. it monopolizes my day dreams and makes me happy to think about, but I am not getting closer to actually doing it because of fear, rejection, laziness, I don’t know. My biggest obstacle is myself. I have always been a huge believer of putting yourself out there. You can not get any opportunities if you do not try. I know that standing still never gets you anywhere. Then what is my problem?

I have the passion and desire. I am lacking the ambition. everything takes work and it just all seems too hard. I think I need to look at what I am trying to teach my children and start acting on that. I should be working on being the type of person I want my kids to be. Much easier said then done, but a lot to think about none the less.


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Halloween Hangover

It is over! That crazy holiday where you work your butt off getting your kids all perfectly costumed in whatever they want. You have shopped all over the place finding just the right accessories and everything to make them adorable on Halloween and all you have to show for it is exhausted Kids and bags full of future dentist bills, candy.

The truth is I actually LOVE Halloween it is one of my favorites. This year was especially fun and included Mary Poppins, A Sock Hop girl and two adorable Flamenco dancers. What could be better??


Now that it is all over bring, on the candy! (Said while all my kids are sleeping of course. They won’t miss a few pieces.)








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Date Night, Uplift Families Conference

My husband and I do not get a lot of date nights, life is just too crazy for that. We did get one a few weekends ago and I wanted to share how awesome it was. It was the Uplift Families Conference and it did not disappoint.

Now if I am going to be honest I have to include that my husband was not super thrilled I was dragging him to a parenting conference on an already rare date night. I am happy to say that he was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the speakers.

There were speakers that made me laugh and ones that really made me think. I loved learning some new tips to help me with parenting my kids. I also loved the talk on finances. My husband and I really enjoyed learning about our dynamic as a couple concerning money.

I honestly would recommend this conference to others. with the accompaniment of the delicious dinner provided it really was a great date night indeed.

My favorite speaker had to be Matt Townsend here is his talk below. He is hilarious and I love how he talks about the differences between men and women. You can find all of the talks given that night here and as always for information about Uplift Families on there website www.upliftfamilies.org



**I received free tickets as part of being a blog partner for Uplift Families, all opinions are my own.


My One and Only Pinterest Worthy Day.

Sometimes I really struggle about what to write here. I don’t do crafts. I don’t like to blog about what I cook for dinner (unless you all tell me that a mac and cheese tutorial would be helpful.) I tend not to be all self motivational about life and parenting. I just like to make people laugh.

You better believe though that when I do something that actually qualifies as crafty and adorable that I am going to share the crap out of it.

My daughter Shout recently turned 10 and decided she wanted a party. I had not done one in a long time. My girls can choose a few small presents and a party, or more presents from us, going to dinner with family and no party. They usually choose the latter.

My first thought was, go simple so I forced persuaded her to choose to do something easy. She went with a home Movie night with seven of her friends, and chose the new Cinderella movie. I came up with the idea of serving a fun table full of pumpkin spice treats. Get it? Cinderella and pumpkins. I am a genius. It also helps that the world spews out everything pumpkin spice during the month of September. Trader Joe’s was my best friend.

I wanted to make the table look festive and adorable so (I spent hours making each decoration to match my theme using my own blood sweat and tears) Called my Mom.  My Mom is the queen of cuteness. Her house is so adorably decorated that when you walk in you mistake it for one of those trendy boutiques full of amazing decor and fun style. She brought over to my house a giant basket full of cuteness to surround the treats and it was phenomenal. The girls loved it! Even if they barely watched the movie and instead talked about boys. I had forgotten how early that starts!


My Mom also gave me the idea to stick a bunch of suckers in a pumpkin, it turned out so festive and cute (use a shish kabob skewer first to make the sucker holes, it is sharp and much easier that way) DID I JUST OFFER A TIP ON HOW TO MAKE A CENTERPIECE??? I do not even recognize myself!!

The iphone picture I took of the whole spread even turned out good!

So there you have it, a completely adorable Pinterest worthy fall birthday party that I cannot take any credit for, o.k maybe I will take a little credit. I did drive to Trader Joe’s.

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