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My 7 year old lost a front tooth yesterday. Although it it a little thing, it was quite big to her. It had been on it’s last leg (yes I realize teeth don’t have legs) and was due to come out anytime now.  I was coaching her on how to get it out because truthfully or if you want a clever pun, toothfully it was driving me nuts, looking gross and ready to loose it’s place in my daughters adorable mouth.

You really see your child’s personality quirks in these situations. All my kids have been so different. my oldest dreaded her teeth coming out so bad that she would let them hang for months finally telling me I can pull it out while she sleeps. The other child wouldtwist and turn hers as soon as it was slightly loose getting it out asap. This child was somewhere in the middle. Willing to mess with it and get it out but on her own time. As I was telling her the best way to evict that stubborn tooth she was very brave.

Scared of the pain that may come and the blood that followed but doing it anways. It made me think about how I need to be more like this. More willing to do things that freak me out a little.

Suffice it to say I have adorable girl with a toothless grin that is excited for me to give her money. Unlike her sisters this skeptical girl does not trust the toothfairy and thats fine by me.


I decided to join a memoir writing group where you put a timer on for 8 minutes and write, with a different prompt each time. This is day five.   I am trying to get back in the habit of writing again! 

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