I Don’t Remember


I don’t remember certain things from my childhood. I am always amazed when people can easily recall every teacher they have ever had and first and last names of all there classmates. That does not seem like the norm but maybe it is. Life seems to go by so fast and the details seem so important at the moment, but are we even going to remember them later in life? probably not.

My kids started school this week and every thing seemed so crucial. Who their teacher is, the home lunch that I  packed them on the first day that apparently was super embarressing with a hard boiled egg that stunk like crazy. I am wondering if even though we don’t remember a lot of these things later, do they shape who we become?

my kids have such different personalities. I see it in the details.  How will the way they are now affect them later. I am guessing that my child that insisted on days of the week underwear and is determined to wear the right day every day even though she has a laundry challenged mother will be someone who feels strongly about what she wants to do with her life later. She will probably be super successfull in being in charge.

My other child who is always wondering how others are feeling and has a smile that lights up the room will be helping others and making sure everyone is ok around her.

Does what we lack in our memories still have a place in who we are? I am sure it does, but we will never know because we don’t even remember them in the first place.


I decided to join a memoir writing group where you put a timer on for 8 minutes and write, with a different prompt each time. This is day two.  I am trying to get back in the habit of writing again! 

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  • Gabriele August 24, 2016, 6:26 AM

    Writing may bring back the holes in our memory. Things seem to come up as I latch on to scene from the past. I wondered here for Ann Dee’s page. I’m using her prompts, too.

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