My four year has a thing for board games at the moment. We only have a few, and of the few we have they are all missing pieces and disorganzied. We are kinda flakey over here. I envy the well organzied but it stops there. I never envy them enough to actually organize myself.

The two games she loves are Princess Match and jr Monopoly. Sometimes while playing one of them with her I am totally engaged. watching her every move, seeing how her little mind works and loving our time together, other times I struggle to focus, thinking of all the things I need to do that day or glancing at my phone between turns. Giving her unfair advantages just so the game can be over.

It is hard to find balance as a stay at home Mom. I am often doubting my ability to do this the right way. It is a tough thing to figure out, while I am sure I am not alone in my feelings I do feel that way sometimes.

The days I am paying more attention to matching princesses and not going to boardgame jail while earning fake money are definitely my better ones. Here’s hoping to remember that more often and to play more games, even the ones with missing pieces.


I decided to participate a memoir writing group where you put a timer on for 8 minutes and write, with a different prompt each day, three days a week. This is day 6. I am a little behind, but still loving these prompts! 

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