My husband is a junior high teacher. (yes he is a saint, no I don’t know how he does it) When we bought our house three years ago this amazing non profit that helps teachers, fighfighters and paramedics get into homes helped us get our house. They were awesome! After it all happened they asked to come over and interview us and take our picture, maybe for commercial use.

I did not mind at all It was such a neat program that helped us I would do anything for them! I did not think anything else about it and just forgot about it. Awhile later my husband kept telling me about all of his students that kept coming up to him and telling him he was famous because he was on a billboard. We were so confused!

My husband went to investigate one day after school and was surprised to see that in the same neighborhood where the school is that he teaches at was, we were on a billboard (technically a super large sign) in front of another property that this non profit owned.

It is funny how people have noticed it is us and mentions it to us. Every summer we attend a party in the park for the nonprofit and feel a little like celebrity’s when people recognize us. Maybe next year we we will charge for autographs.

I decided to join a memoir writing group where you put a timer on for 8 minutes and write, with a different prompt each time. This is day three.  I am trying to get back in the habit of writing again! 

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