My Favorite Things About 2014

We had the best New Years Eve. We kept it mellow and stayed home. Three out of the four  Screamettes even made it until midnight. We also of course did our annual tradition of making white trash cake pops. Before anything else though I had the girls write down or draw a picture of their favorite thing about the last year. This really got me thinking about what a really great year it was so I thought hey! I have a blog, why don’t I tell my millions of readers  my Dad what my Favorite things of 2014 were?

So here we go.

* My weekend adventure in Zions National Park with Family Forward was amazing, just the break I needed! My favorite thing I did was ride in a Helicopter, I felt so Jack Bauerish. It was the coolest.


*Seeing my Mom do a reading at Listen To your Mother. LTYM is so close to my heart and being able to see my Mom read a beautiful piece about her mother Like I had done about her the year before was icing on the cake. I was so proud of her.


*Watching not one, but two seasons of Survivor with my girls. We are obsessed and I really enjoy watching it with them and eating the fattening treats that I plan each week as well. I may or may not say no to other things if they are scheduled for the same time. It is just too much fun! So excited for the next season starting in February!


*Seeing Wicked with my husband and two oldest daughters. We tried for five days to get the discount passes. It was such a treat. I am a huge Wicked fan since seeing it on Broadway, and watching my girls experience it was a dream come true! There is nothing like musicals!


*I loved doing the color run with my oldest. She is sure growing up fast and it was a lot of fun to be able to do some thing that with her.

Color Run

*Our San Diego trip! We had not been on a family vacation for a long long time. I loved spending time with my crazy family and the ocean was my favorite part incredible.San Diego

* My 5 yr old Starting Kindergarten. As awful as that may sound it is true that it was a highlight for me. I did not only love it because she is at school during the day, but because it is such a great milestone for her. She is learning so much and can even read already. I am so proud of her and yes the time with just my youngest has been great as well.


There you have it. Now here’s for hoping for a great 2015!








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  • Jo January 2, 2015, 11:08 AM

    Love reading about your outstanding year and watching your girls grow..

  • Taralyn January 7, 2015, 10:03 AM

    So bummed that I missed out on that Mom it Forward retreat! What a great year full of family adventures..

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