Living The Scream’s Random Things

Ever have a hard time focusing? I sure do. I thought every once in a while I would throw up a post with all of my random thoughts. Please play along by commenting with one or more of your most random thoughts of the day. If anything it will make us feel like were not alone in this kid crying, chore filled, no nap world. So here we go.

*So happy about this Thanksgiving week! Husband and kids almost have the whole week off! What could be better? As much as I joke about how they all drive me crazy. I love spending time with my crew.


*I seriously felt pretty ancient watching the American Music Awards last night. Anyone else? I am so out of touch. I do like to sing Call me maybe at the top of my lungs so maybe that makes me somewhat cool… yeah I didn’t think so.


*I don’t think my kids could even to begin to be more drama. Church is getting a little ridiculous as all of them wrestled over a certain coloring book that was $1.


*Four kids is getting a little more normal to me, Still forgetting a ton of things daily, but such is life.


*Do you ever wish that you could accomplish everything you wanted to around the house in one day? Yeah me too, but whats the point of that? It would all be undone the next day. Also I really get that toys and things are everywhere but why is everything always so sticky? I swear I do not give my kids glue to play with on a daily basis.


*I think keeping track of Squeaks tiny baby socks are impossible. I have a new idea. Disposable baby socks! I think it’s pure genius. Don’t you love how people always freak out when your out and about if your baby only as one sock. People are always stopping me panicked HEY YOU! Your kids is missing a sock! AAAGH.


*My dream two nights ago consisted of me cutting off my own hair to make myself extensions. Will anyone tell me what that means? On second thought, no thanks. Ignorance is bliss.


*I have decided crafting intimidates the crud out of me. I am going to hit this head on with a smallish project and go from there. I think I know the outcome but maybe it will be different this time.


*My three year old asks me “What Can I do?” at least 50 times per day. I think I have run out of answers. I have begun to take it as a challenge and reply to her with things such as “A cartwheel, a little dance, a song about your awesome mom,” It’s like a mini talent show 24/7 around here.

Ok it is now your turn. What is going on in that sleep deprived brain of yours today?





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