Why My Two Year old was my Favorite this Halloween.


So last night was the big night. The one children look forward to with great anticipation. I loved watching my Four daughters get so excited about everything about Halloween.

I have to say my two yr old stole the show. She was Elsa this year along with about a million other little girls. When my kids are two I usually just throw them in a hand me down costume. I let them be what we have stashed in our dress up bin because they are two and does it really matter? Yes, it sure did for my youngest. She has been drinking the Frozen Koolaid lately along with everyone else in the world and she wanted to be Elsa.

I knew when we were at the grocery store and she stood by the automated door and put her hands up summoning her ice powers while the door opened that she needed to be Elsa. When her costume came in the mail and she tried it on she was in heaven. She did not want to take that dress off and I probably should have just let her wear it until Halloween. That is how much she adored it. So after the many little events that she wore the costume to it was time for the real thing. I did her hair in a classic Elsa braid that just came out five minutes later but she looked amazing.

We gave her a candy bag that was as big as her and she was off. Trying to catch up with her older cousins the whole entire night. Her little legs carrying her as fast as she could, not wanting help from anyone. She loved getting the candy at the door and was most happy when she could pick it from the bowl herself and deposit in her ever growing stash.

When she would utter  “Trick or Treat” and “Thank you” it was about as adorable as you could get. She had a surprise up her sleeve though. You see when she pronounces her S’s they come out like the F sound. So if you gave her a sucker you got the shock of a lifetime probably thinking a sailor outfit would have suited her much better.  I may have had her do this parlor trick a few times to my older brothers just for the laugh of it. Sometimes my humor does emulate that of a twelve yr old boys. We eventually had her call them lollipops instead even though that was not near as much fun.

The night was a success. Everyone ended up with more candy than they probably should ever consume so I will be helping them with that part for sure.

Now we wait another year for the night kids can choose to be anyone they want to and to be able to demand candy just for showing up at someones doorstep. I think it is going to be an extra long year.


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