Toy Commercials

I am going to talk about something that really make me go AAAAAAGH! it is Toy Commercials.

When my kids watch cartoons on some channels it is more like they are watching toy commercials with a little clip of the cartoon every 5 minutes. Instead of the other way around. It has gotten so much worse lately! Probably because it is coming upon the holiday season. I understand that.  But give me a break. It is seriously so annoying!

When Shout sees some thing she likes on a toy commercial (which is everything) She has this natural reflex that makes her scream out “I want that.” My kids are not greedy I don’t get them everything they want by any means. But just listening to her say it every 5 seconds makes her sound like Violet Beauregarde from the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory!

As of a couple of weeks ago Squeal was sitting next to Shout watching the brain washing commercials when I heard her say something. I did not believe it at first but as another commercial came on it was clearer. She said “I want that”! My one year old’s first sentence was I want that! I have to say it was adorable, but disturbing at the same time.

The Umpire and I are cutting down on our monthly budget and decided to cancel our cable. I am actually really looking forward to those channels not being an option anymore. I love that public television does not have toy commercials. I also prefer the cartoons on those channels as well. Woohoo for no more screams of I want that coming from my sweet girls!

What makes you go AAAAAGH?

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  • Angel October 11, 2010, 12:41 PM

    I gave up on all tv and went with netfilx about 3 years ago. The watch instantly is great and has no ads :) I don’t miss cable a bit. There are tons of childrens shows for all ages on the watch instantly. Sorry to sound like an ad myself but we just love it.

  • Nisha October 11, 2010, 11:25 PM

    Oh man, thank heavens for Netflix instant streaming! No commercials here either, although…Today, my daughter got pen all over her pants (drawing in the car not such a good idea). She said, “Mom you can just wash it out.” I told her I sure hope it comes out. She says, “Just bleach it!” I don’t ever bleach things. She positively explained how she saw it on a commercial and it will work! We haven’t had satellite in quite a few months. She’s remember this from a long time ago. Darn commercials!

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