The Tooth Fairy does NOT bring presents

Shriek lost a tooth. Not in the fun I am getting older kind of way. She was at her grandma’s on a teeter totter in the back yard and it must have hit her in the face some how. Thank goodness it was a baby tooth. She got loads of sympathy especially from her Grandpa in the form a 5 dollar bill (what a pushover)

She had it in her cute little head that the tooth fairy would bring her a toy she wanted instead of money. Despite many arguments from me that I was positive the tooth fairy only gave out money and not 22 dollar my little pony remote control cars.

she decided to write a note for the tooth fairy much like her note the other day concerning a different tooth.
she is a pretty clever girl and good at negotiations maybe she’ll be a politician when she grows up.

No we did not give in and get her the toy we (the tooth fairy) instead left this note with a few dollars.

We should have added that the tooth fairy also does not give toys because they would not fit under your pillow. I’ll save that for the next time.

It was so amusing trying to explain to her how the tooth fairy and Santa clause are not the same especially when in reality they are!! But she’ll know that soon enough!

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  • Karyn Climans September 10, 2010, 6:25 PM

    I love your daughter’s spirit and I haven’t even met her. I would probably have been like her grandpa and given in to her charms!
    I’m here from BlogFrog. Glad I found your blog site.

  • Gina September 10, 2010, 6:47 PM

    Our tooth fairy leaves a coin for a baby tooth. Just like most of our friends. Can you imagine the uproar when my sons friend (who is an only child) received a $30 Lego set when his first tooth fell out. His Mum said that with only having one child they want to spoil him, she just didn’t think about his friends and how they would not understand the differences between their tooth fairy and his… I’m glad your tooth fairy was sensible!

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