The Summer of Netflix

I always have very motivated ideas at the beginning of summer. School time, chores, planned exciting activities. I had visions of this being the most productive summer ever. the one where I will accomplish everything I ever wanted to and more.

No surprise that this is not what happens. While we do play out side go swimming and accomplish some things.  Lots of my kid’s time is spent in front of the t.v and I am not just talking browsing channels here I am talking Netflix which means obscure weird shows that my girls watch marathon style so back to back.

The one they are currently obsessed with at the moment is this show made in Australia  called “H20” about these three teens that discover they are mermaids (Gasp) I have a little secret. I have become obsessed as well.

I think I may be even more wrapped up in it then them. If I miss a part and ask them whats going on and they don’t know I even get a little annoyed. I ask questions like. Does Cleo’s boyfriend know she is mermaid yet? What magic mermaid power does Bella have? and so on.

I have even been known to google about  it. When one of my favorite characters just disappeared from the show. Seriously Lewis and Emma, why did you leave this completely obscure strange Australian show with mediocre acting???

With only five more episodes in the series for us to watch I am definitely looking forward to the break. I will start again with my unrealistic goal setting and hope gems like SheeRa and the movie The Labrynth remain undiscovered on our Netflix.

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