The Summer is Frying my Brain.

I officially have the summer time blues and am ready for something different. I have enjoyed having my children and my husband home this summer ( he’s a teacher) but seriously. I have just run out of steam. The summer has officially started frying my brain. I just don’t have the charisma any more to make it more enjoyable!

Example 1

After lunch the other day my daughter asked if she could have some ice cream. I was on the couch and said ok she asked if she could have some fudge I also approved this. after she was done she said mom this looks really cool and then showed me the entire carton of ice cream and them fudge pored on top of the entire carton of ice cream. She had not put some in an individual bowl. I know it is my fault she is 7 I should have gotten up and helped her I also should have taken a picture like a good blogger would have done.

Example 2

my daughters were in one of their huge fights. Shriek did something mean to Shout so she started crying, I went to shriek and said go and say thank you to your sister right now! Yes you read that right instead of saying sorry I said thank you. My 7 year old loved this error I had made and proceeded to tell her crying sister thank you instead of sorry over and over again.

You see I just need a little quiet time during the day to solve the madness. Which is why I am so glad school and preschool is starting in 2 weeks!


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  • one cluttered brain August 13, 2010, 10:26 AM

    Can your 7 yr old make me a icecream sundae with fudge topping?
    Mmm. YUM.
    And the fact that you said thank you instead of sorry..classic! I get my words messed up all the time too…
    Cause my brain is so cluttered…lol.
    It is ALMOST over…. Summer that is…

  • Linda August 13, 2010, 1:04 PM

    I totally hear you. Can’t wait for school to start. I blogged about it today and think I will write about it everyday until they are gone.

  • Kyle Sadler August 14, 2010, 10:02 AM

    This is such a description of my house! I have also fell into the trap of “sure you can…..” and then find that what they meant was totally opposite of my thinking. My kids asked to make a string maze..they had just asked for a small box, so I thought they were going to make it inside the box. I commense blogging for a while (and in their defense, I did get caught up in it longer than I had planned) and when I went downstairs, their plan smacked me in the face… literally. They had created a giant maze of string by taping the yarn from one point of a wall to another… and the box was the prize at the end. If only I had just learned from that!

  • Camille August 14, 2010, 11:25 PM

    Hopefully the madness stops once school starts. That’s what I’m banking on, but not giving up hope :)

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