The Fun Continues.

We had a really good Christmas and I hope you all did as well! The holiday is not over yet here at our house. The Umpire has the entire week off! I am so excited to spend it doing all the things that we did not fit in before Christmas.

Tomorrow my girls will be spending the day at their grandma’s house. The Mr and I will be shopping away, Going to lunch and maybe a movie. We have not been on a date for a really long time and I am naming this one the post Christmas date Extravaganza. Pretty catchy right?

As of now we have not at all recovered from Christmas the house is a mess, I know that I have eaten my entire weight in every holiday food imaginable and I feel like a could sleep for a year. but fixing all that can wait an extra day.

My girls were surprisingly sweet this year during all the mayhem and I caught them on more than one occasion being really nice to each other.

My favorite reaction was when Shout opened up the Nerf gun the Umpire got her. She was so confused! This was a boy toy how could it possibly be for her? Once opened and ready Shriek and Shout loved their nerf toys and had a lot of fun.below is a picture of them together opening up the refill pack.  Although we are not done having kids I think my husband has given up on the chance that any of them will be boys and has decided to get our girls into some of the things he loves. I say more power to him we have enough glitter and pink to last a life time!

Everything else they got was pretty girly and Squeal got a new baby doll that she drags around everywhere. Gotta love Christmas!

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  • one cluttered brain December 26, 2010, 9:30 PM

    Glad you are having a good Christmas!
    glad your honey has a week off!
    Enjoy your time with him.

  • T December 27, 2010, 10:01 PM

    You have earned your post Christmas Date Night Extravaganza… or whatever it was :)

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