It is about as hot as it can get in our condo. The poor little AC just cannot keep up. I really hate the heat and how unproductive it makes me. Because we are so hot the Screamette’s and I find ourselves outside quite abit.

There is a whole slew of kids that my girls love to play with. Although the playground kitty corner from our place is pretty ghetto they find plenty to entertain themselves. At the moment it is Snails. Those nasty slimy gooey gross creatures. The ones that make that horrible crrrunch noise when accidently stepped upon.

My girls can’t get enough of them and are often found hovered around a bunch having very interesting conversations about all things snails. I don’t understand. I have all girls aren’t they supposed to be disgusted and horrified by all things nasty?

The size of the snail is very imprtant to my daughter’s. If it is a large snail I often here them calling it a mommy or Daddy snail if the snails are a tad smaller the terms are teenager snails and baby snails.

Recently after one of there snail pow wow sessions. they came running at me in full speed. “MOM we just watched snails have babies. They mated and then had three babies right before our eyes.” They then preceded to open their little cute hands and show me these tiny nasty baby snail like things.

Now truth be told I know nothing about snails. I am not about to google it either. I don’t know exactly what my girls saw but whatever it was it was incredibly exciting. As I am trying to process this information These questions come to mind.

Can I actually skip “The Talk” With my girls because they just witnessed snails giving birth?

Why are snails so much nastier in a group than when you just see one?

Is the process of just simply washing your hands enough to get a whole days worth of snail germs off of your hands?

Why can’t this snail phase be over?

Here are the snail hunters in action. Yes Squeal is wearing underwear on the outside of her pajama’s. That must be her official snail hunting attire.

What crazy things have your kid’s been obsessed with? I would love to know!

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