Shaped Bracelets

The latest craze at my daughters elementary school (and lots others I have heard) is those Shaped Bracelets that come in every different shape imaginable. My daughter has been talking about them often!!

The way she describes them is like the most amazing thing ever created better than Disneyland or the invention of the wheel! She describes how kids have there arms full of them and trade them at recess and after school. All drama broke loose when one friend promised to give Shriek one then decided not too. Shriek was pretty devastated.  Lots of tears. The Drama was almost unbearable!! This is why I chose this for my things that make you go AAAGH

This trend made me thinking what was popular when I was in school. all I can think of are Girbaud jeans and those bracelets you could slap on your wrists. remember those? so funny.

* picture used from CC google image

Your wondering if I bought her some of the shaped bracelets huh? Well I did, but not because my daughters have to have everything popular, They don’t! I thought she could earn them for good deeds like doing chores around the house and so on. Also these bracelets come in packs of 12 for 1 Dollar. A perfect incentive.

The most hilarious things about these bracelets are the shapes they come in. Every category you could think of, birds, school, wrestling. I bought a state category and was very interested on what states they would include. It mostly was a mix of Louisiana’s and Texas. I knew Texas would be featured. living their for about a year made me discover that everything possible is shaped like Texas.

here are some pictures of some of the more easier ones to distinguish. I bought a rescue themed pack that is why their is a fireman’s axe.  I love the Fire Hydrant!

What was something that made you go AAAAAAGH this week?

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  • Bethany September 24, 2010, 11:34 AM

    My kids LOVE these things and our cat finds them very delectable which means we’ve had to secure them in a drawer in the kitchen. They also make great hair twisties. I used one to secure a small braid in my littlest’s hair. Then come to find that her school doesn’t allow them… whoops.

  • Keers September 29, 2010, 4:58 PM

    That is so funny! It reminds me of the limes in Little Women. My oldest 2 are nuts over them too. I think they are kind of silly, but I’m thrilled about the cost. It does make it easy to give them for good jobs done.

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