Science Project Idea

What do you get when you try four different kind’s of popcorn to see which one pops the most?

A  Fun 2nd grade science project!

Shriek wanted to participate in the science fair this year. The Umpire helped her. They worked really hard and ended up with a great science project that they had a lot of fun with. I think they also had some really fun daddy daughter time.

What they did was choose four different kinds of pop corn

  • Jiffy Pop
  • Microwave Bag
  • kernals on the stove
  • Microwave Bucket

They popped them all for the same amount time and counted the kernals that did not pop and the popped corn to see which one was the winner. Shriek told me she had a lot of fun putting the kernals in little groups of ten to count them. I say any time you can make math fun go for it!

I am not going to tell you the results in case someone else wants to use this idea for their child’s project. because it really was a fun simple science project idea.

Shriek loved learning how popcorn pops and had a lot of fun putting her poster together. I am really glad she participated, even if my house still smelled of burnt popcorn for several days after the finished the project

* I am also over at Mommy Moment today talking about reward charts. I like them but they never last too long at my house. I would love some tips!

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  • T February 2, 2011, 11:37 AM

    my son did this one a few years ago – only he used all microwave popcorn (EIGHT different brands) and we were stuck eating it all week. Okay, okay… I love popcorn, it didn’t last the day!

    it WAS a lot of fun, but also a LOT of math as he went the second mile and calculated the percentage popped/percentage Dud in each bag (he was a little older, needed to make it a little harder)…

    can I tell you what a nasty mad Mother Hen I turned into at the science fair when a different, simpler, popcorn project by an older child got first place and my kid got Nada….

    groan… I am one of those psycho moms…

    gotta go take a nap :)

  • Steph February 2, 2011, 6:18 PM

    You know both of my kids have done that exact science experiment. It is a classic and so much fun!

  • Jody February 3, 2011, 5:10 PM

    You should check out the popcorn giveaway on it would go so great with this :)
    We are so happy to have you over at Mommy Moment~!

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