Rachel & The TreeSchoolers Giveaway

You know what I have not done in forever? A give away! I figured now was a good time. As I wrote about recently I just returned home from a fun weekend away where I learned a ton about making quality video’s, among other things.

Rachel Coleman

When I found out we would be learning video skills from Aaron and Rachel Coleman all weekend I was so excited! My girls love Signing Time and watch it a lot. They are just such great shows and I am a big fan of quality educational children’s programing. Despite my error a few weeks ago when I failed to remember all the inappropriate parts of Adventures in Babysitting and chose it for our family movie night!

The first night of our retreat Rachel shared with us her story. It was so inspiring and amazing. the things she has been able to accomplish are just so wonderful. She recently started  making another awesomely educational children series called Rachel & the TreeSchoolers. She sent us all home with a few copies hence the giveaway. My littles and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share  it with you.

What is so neat about this series is it has been completely funded by viewers and fans of educational children shows that want this for their kids. How cool is that? They are actually in the middle of another Kickstarter so they can create even more wonderful episodes. There is even a really great contest going on where you can watch episode one of Rachel & the TreeSchoolers and share it for a chance to win an iPad mini.

Rachel and the TreeSchoolers


The Episode we were given was about insects. The first thing that really made me love the show was the music. Rachel is so fun to watch sing. She is easy to understand and her songs are so dang catchy. My five year old was singing a long with her almost instantly. The facts she teaches about bugs are awesome. I asked my daughter what her favorite thing about the program was and she immediately mentioned the cute babies in the bug costumes. Rachel always  features children that kids everywhere can relate too in her programs.

Rachel and the TreeSchoolers2

We have watched the episode at least ten times and I am honestly not sick of it at all. there is also a CD the comes with it so you can rock out to the tunes in your car, we may have had a mini dance party recently, singing Insects are Incredible, in the kitchen.

I am excited to give someone this DVD/CD so they can enjoy it as much as we have! so here goes.

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  • Harmony June 4, 2014, 12:43 PM

    This looks so cute! I hope I win =) My kids love bugs and singing!

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