Pizza Night

Tonight we had little Caesar’s hot and ready pizza for dinner and that just sums up my day. How you may ask? I was too worn out to cook dinner. I had everything in my fridge to make taco’s too bad taco’s just did not sound great. Your probably wondering why Pizza did. it’s called no kitchen mess and no dishes.

I spend a few hours each day in my car driving from place to place dropping off kids picking up my husband and so on. It feels so nice to be done with that at the end of the day and at home. Some times the last thing I want to be doing is cooking. I know My seven year old Shriek feels the same way because a few days ago after a day full of school she walked in the door and say ” aaw man it feels good to be home”

I am glad she feels that way! I hope home is always a respite, a place to get away from it all. We live in a pretty smallish home. I kind of like it that way. Nice and cozy not too much space to clean up. the one bathroom part is not ideal but we work it out. Good thing we’ll be in a bigger house long before my girls teenage years I can just imagine the bathroom drama that would take place! It’s just nice having my little family all together. the peaceful quietness I feel when I know they are sleeping in there beds safe and sound. There is nothing better.

There is one good thing to point out about a jam pack filled day, going to sleep on a nice comfy bed is the best reward anyone could ever ask for. Especially if it’s a night where my husband is not snoring too loud.

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  • Kristina P. September 16, 2010, 7:37 PM

    Pizza is always a good go-to. But I could eat tacos all day long.

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