My Baby Won’t Sleep

I am writing this to you while yawning for dear life. (yes that is possible) My Baby Won’t Sleep!! The problem is that Squeal deceives us for weeks as a wonderful sleeper, than out of the blue comes out her dark side the one that cries and cries and will not for the life of her accept defeat and go to sleep.

The problem is that all my girls sleep in the same room we have a bunk bed and the crib. We let Squeal stay up with us till she falls asleep so she does not scream in her crib and wake up the girls. Although she ends up doing this a couple hours later. Two nights ago she was crying while being downstairs with my husband and I she was just having a tantrum and neither of us could calm her down. She was SO tired. I was getting really upset when I turned to my husband and said. “I am so mad I am going to say the F word”. Yeah this was not going to happen first of all I don’t swear on a regular basis and would never say that word. Second of all when someone is going to say that word they don’t announce it they just say it right? My husband laughed at me because he also knew I would never say that. I was just so mad so I came up with another F word. Frustrated! We were both so tired all I wanted to do was to go to sleep.

Sleep is necessity right? without  it we get all loopy and say weird things like I before exhibited. when she finally fell asleep next to me I was so excited. I scooped her up and and set her in her crib. She began freaking out again. I ran out of the room thinking she would go right to sleep. Shout and shriek woke up and ended up sleeping in our bed so smushed the whole night.. Not the best night of sleep.

If they all weren’t so incredibly adorable I don’t think I could do it.

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  • The redhead August 16, 2010, 9:29 AM

    Ugh. You are better than me. I would not have even attempted to sleep with the kids in my bed. I am such a selfish bed sleeper. I need a good undisturbed zone all around me in order to be at peace. Hope your baby starts deceiving you again soon, so you can get some rest :)

  • one cluttered brain August 16, 2010, 9:48 AM

    oh, poor YOU! I hope your baby starts sleeping again.
    That is just too bad.
    Does caffeine help ya?
    I like how you said, “I’m gonna say the F-word now.” LOL. What you say when you R sleepy…or don’t say…LMBO…

  • Forest Rose August 17, 2010, 8:21 PM

    LOL…..Love the name of your blog and the bloggy names for your girls. I can definitely relate, I have 3 girls as well. Everything they go through is always hyped and over dramatized! I’ll tell you what I did in this same situation, I put them all to bed at the same time and let them cry it out, it usually only takes a couple of days till they get it…”ya I’m not coming back in the room”! Anyway I hope you get some sleep, I know you need it with 3 girls!

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