My 5 Year Old

Shout turned 5 this weekend. What a great weekend it was! Filled with fun outings and presents galore I am exausted!

I have to write a few ( actually 5) things about my adorable middle child!

  1. Shout always speaks her mind she will say the most hilarious things out of the blue that always have me cracking up. She told me today she does not want to have babies because that hurts, but she will adopt 100. 
  2. Shout LOVES to sing. She sings at the top of her lungs while we are driving in the car or anywhere. These songs are her own creations the lyrics are so clever and I think I have a future Lyricist. My favorite goes like this. “I’m going to Jamaica, I’m going to the south Don’t cry on me HEE HEE”
  3. Shout has the most exspressive face her smile makes her eyes sparkle and lights up any room!
  4. Shout loves to create, playdough is her favorite I often find her creations around the house like  a cup covered in blue tape, very artistic
  5. Shout loves to dress herself. She has her own style for sure. I have gotten really good at letting her leave the house in her own outffit choices some times that is hard! here is an example of socks she wore one day.

I am so thankfull for my adorable 5 year old she is a joy!!

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