I have a 2nd grader!

Shriek starts the second grade tomorrow! I cannot believe it. She is so excited and does not have a nervous bone in her body. I do though! She is such a beautiful strong little girl.

we happen to not have quite the same taste in clothes, which I thought wouldn’t happen till she was a teenager. She loves everything sparkly with peace signs, glitter, and scarves, and more glitter, and little jewels on everything. this makes me think that she would love a Bejeweler for Christmas! she would be in heaven. Here is her first day of school outfit. I have to say it is super cute and meets all her requirements mentioned.

I also love to do a fun breakfast for the first day of school, although I am seriously lacking in the food department at the moment luckily I have some bacon in the freezer to thaw out and a tube of biscuits. Nothing says the first day of school like that right? Hey I am doing great in all the other back to school requirements! Ya can’t win em all!

Hopefully she will have the best day of school that a second grader can have! I’ll be the one waiting all day with anticipation to see how it went!!

Post Edit: Just dropped her off! She loved breakfast! Too bad I am such a spaz, while making orange juice in the blender I saw that it was leaking from the bottom. I guess I have not heard the phrase righty tighty lefty loosey enough and turned it the wrong way I was drenched in orange juice it is every where!! I also was so nervous for shreik that I may have put the wrong name down on her lunch slip and I left my keys at the main office, had to go back in and get them lol Shriek was a lot braver than me!

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