I hate it when my girls are sick!

two nights ago I woke up at exactly 2:00 AM To my sweet daughter Shout throwing up. It was sad, she was so sick. We spent the rest of the night using throw up bowls and accumulating the largest sick laundry pile known to man. The day continued that way, she was feeling better by bedtime.

Last night I woke up at exactly at 1:45 AM to my sweet daughter Shriek throwing up It was also sad and I also spent the rest of the night with throw up bowls and dirty laundry.

If the pattern continues tonight I will wake up at exactly 1:30 with Squeal. Lets hope the pattern does not continue!!!

On a funnier note, while changing Shriek’s sheets I found this under her pillow.

The Note says
Even if I didn’t lose a tooth can I still have a real Pokemon?
From Shriek
To the Tooth Fairy
P.S I want a buneify did I spell it right?

Shriek has this loose tooth that is not coming out.I think it’s because the grown up tooth is growing behind it so it is not pushing it out (we are going to the Dentist soon) This note made me smile I love the way she thinks.

Shout said something thought provoking about being sick, She said “I like being sick because when you get better it feels so nice”

So true!!! I really hope all this sickness ends soon.

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  • one cluttered brain September 1, 2010, 11:42 AM

    Aww. I hope the tooth falls out soon!
    And your girl gets better. It is NO fun being sick at ALL.

  • Shell September 1, 2010, 7:16 PM

    Hope you don’t have that kind of wake up call tonight!

    That note is adorable!

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