How to Start a Pet Sitting Buisness

1. Make an adorable flier preferably with pictures of cute puppies that no one could resist and nag your parents to help you pass it out to everyone they have ever known in their life that has a dog. Especially Grandparents

2. Beg your Grandma to let you pet sit her dog for an entire week while they are out of town. Trust me It will not take a lot of begging.

3. Beg your parents to agree to drive adorable you and your cuter than a Hallmark commercial sister to your Grandma’s every single day twice a day for the entire week. This is a little more tricky but definitely doable. You might have to promise that you will do all the work and even pick up dog poop. But it’s worth it in the end.

4. Make sure the dog gets plenty of attention. Also eat all of your Grandma’s suckers because she kind of is in fact one for letting you watch her dog in the first place.

5. Every time you visit, test the trampoline in the backyard to make sure it still in fact jumpy.

6. Reap the benefits when your Grandma pays you the big bucks and don’t complain too much when your Mom makes you and your sister use it for school clothes that you get to pick out. (They did do all of the driving after all

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