Halloween Costumes

We all know that kids make holidays more exciting. there is just something about watching them get so happy and excited about the little things. To them they are HUGE!

My daughters LOVE Halloween what kid doesn’t! A reason to wear dress up clothes outside and get candy for it. Who wouldn’t like that!

I have a confession. I like it too! I dress up my kids when they are babies. Seek out the best deals on Halloween costumes and I also love reviving a costume that I already have to a child who has not worn it yet. It is true that I don’t get dressed up myself anymore. Not so much into that. but I love it for my kids.

They have been all sorts of things a giraffe, Elmo, queens, cheerleaders, and fairies one year my now 7 year wanted to be a fire fighter! I thought that was the coolest! She was the cutest firefighter ever!

This year all my girls have decided (well not my one year old. she got it decided for her) That they would all be princesses. I even have an awesome joke to go with it that I will repeat over and over to anyone that will listen.

Yeah this year my girls are the three dancing princesses we will eventually have 12! (Ya know? like the fairytale 12 dancing princesses?) I guess if I feel like I have to explain it it is not too funny, and no I do not really want 12 kids.
Yes, I occasionally tell dumb jokes.

I was happy that I had a plethora of pink princess dresses (say that three times fast) I only had to buy one new own for my incredibly tall 7 year old. We are set. Now we just have to wait for Halloween to come. (that’s the not so fun part)

On a Side Note I am really looking forward to General conference this weekend!

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  • one cluttered brain October 1, 2010, 8:49 AM

    Yay for conference weekend AND pink frilly dresses for Halloween!
    Hope you have a fabulous Halloween and weekend!

  • Jenny Spencer October 1, 2010, 6:17 PM

    My kids are very excited, only 28 days until Halloween!

  • Stefani October 4, 2010, 10:27 AM

    I have dressed up the last 3 years with my kids to make the night even more fun!

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