First VS Fourth Child: Haircuts


I recently took my youngest to get her mop of hair trimmed. She will be three at the beginning of the summer and her hair was in quite the state. It had so many different layers of growth, and not the cute kind via Jennifer Aniston in Friends. With having four children lets just say it was a lot different during this haircut then it was during my oldest child’s first haircut. Here are some of the differences

First child: Rush her to the hair cutting place as soon as one hair was out of place. I think she was barely one.

Fourth child: Drag her in the hair cutting place with super wild hair that had been this way for months. She is almost three

First child: Describe the exact amount of hair I want trimmed which was probably a half of an inch while documenting the whole thing on my camera trying to hide the tears of this being a very big mile stone and my child growing too quickly.

Fourth child: Simply tell the hairdresser we want her hair cleaned up. She suggests the length. I keep saying a tiny bit shorter so you can tell it was actually cut making me feel like I got my money worth. Run back to my other kids in the waiting area to make sure they are not being too crazy.

First child: Nod My head enthusiastically  yes when they ask if I want some of the hair to attach to a certificate for a few extra dollars so I can remember this day for forever

Fourth child: Say no in disgust remembering how gross it was when I came across said hair a few days ago while cleaning. No thank you.

First child: when her haircut is done I take a million more pictures and ooh and aww at how grown up she looks.

Fourth child: grab her, pay the hairdresser and hurry out the door before my other three kids get too rowdy.

Hopefully my younger children don’t get too scarred over how much more onto things I was with my first, actually considering how over the top and worried I was all the time the younger ones may be better off.




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