Circle of Life, Clothing Edition


My girls our growing up. Fleeting are the holidays with matching dresses and hairstyles. I have four daughters who are constantly changing and learning new things. With that comes the need for new things. New clothes, new hobbies and, new foods they are willing to try and so on.

My oldest daughter  is not loving the fact that as she out grows all of her clothes and shoes they ultimately will be  passed on to her younger sister then to the next youngest sister and so on (Que the Circle of life Music via the Lion King). This thought drives her crazy.

“Why does she get my stuff” she will say to me. I groan a little and impatiently tell her it is because these things do not fit her any more. Would she rather them go in the trash?

“Yes!!” she answered matter of fact.

You see my girls do not get a long all of the time. Even less since summer has begun. For sure there are times when I peek in on them politely playing a game together or coming up with the next cure for cancer but yeah, usually not.

So when her younger sister screamed with delight when some shoes, (those trendy ones with the wheels at the bottom) did not fit her big sister anymore My oldest was a mess of tears. She shoved them onto her feet like one of the stepsisters in Cinderella and insisted they fit. Her heels were poking out the top of them while she tried to balance like a trapeze artist. She was insistent that they fit great, no problems at all. I then challenged her to wear them the entire day. That lasted about five minutes.

As my oldest continued to cry and mourn the fate of her precious wheeled shoes her sister tried them on and guess what? They did not even fit her either. All of that for nothing!

This having all girls predicament I am in is pretty insane. I have know idea how I am going to get through all of this alive.



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  • Julie DeMille July 8, 2013, 9:13 AM

    My sisters and I rarely got along. The fights were pretty much a daily occurrence. And, many of them were about clothes- teen years were the worst. But, now, we’re all the best of friends. So, there is light at the end of the tunnel, the very, very, very long tunnel.

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